About the project

The Medical University of Gdańsk is the only medical school and one of ten Polish universities to receive a prestigious status of a research university in 2019. This fact alone stands as confirmation of the highest standards of education and research. It further underscores the validity of the development strategy which specifies internationalisation as one of its major goals.

Gdańsk. The city of young scientists was a project conceived in the light of that objective. Its aim is to promote and disseminate original research conducted by the MUG scientists amongst the international candidates who wish to pursue their career in science and medicine. We wish to encourage you to fulfil your plans ambitions at the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Inspired by the leading world academic centres such as University of Oxford and University of Cambridge the research projects, the infrastructure and most importantly, the profiles of our young scientists will be presented by the means of short English-language films. The materials will be distributed internationally via social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), dedicated online platform and the University website.

Over the 2-year span of the project 25 films will be produced and presented to a world-wide audience.

Contact details

If you have any questions feel free to contact us – youngscientists@gumed.edu.pl

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