When medicine and applied research collide. Exploring the social awareness of air pollution

Is it possible to obtain a doctoral degree before finishing your 5th year full-time masters in medicine, let alone to simultaneously conduct research? Some may see it as an impossible task, but Wojciech Nazar, Ph.D. is here to prove them otherwise

In his scientific work Dr. Nazar analyses, among others, the social awareness of air pollution in Poland and explores changes in the behaviour of Poles during the COVID-19 pandemic. The main aim of the project is to relate air pollution-seeking behaviour to actual levels of air pollution in Poland by the means of an AI algorithm compering two data specific data banks.

The results and conclusions will most likely be applied to provide necessary behaviour-changing interventions in the south of Poland where the air quality is the worst. 

Follow Dr. Nazar’s journey both as a student and a scientist. Learn of the power of true mentorship and guidance.

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Wojciech Nazar, Ph.D.

5th year medical student, Medical University of Gdańsk

Ambitious student and researcher, focused on, among others, detailed analysis of air pollution-seeking behaviour of Poles by the means of an innovative AI algorithm. In his work he combines medicine and applied research. Probably the youngest student in Poland to obtain a doctoral degree before finishing 6-year full-time masters in medicine.

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