Nuclear envolope architecture in prostate tumor progression

How could we efficiently identify cancer patients with high risk of developing metastasis? Could it be done by analysing the architectural features of the cancer cells? Could it hopefully lead to new forms of treatment?

Follow Paulina Nastały, Ph.D. and see how the interplay between molecural biology, high quality imaging and quantitative pathology is crucial in reaching the aforementioned goals of this recently-awarded research project.

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Paulina Nastały, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at the Division of Translational Oncology
Medical University of Gdańsk

Researcher and an EMBO Scientific Exchange Grant laureate focusing on, among others, the interplay between localization of nuclear envelope peptides, glucocorticoid signaling and mechanobiology of prostate cancer cells, which may lead to increasing its aggressiveness. Her project will allow for a better understanding of biology of prostate cancer and establishing cooperation with the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) in Trieste, Italy.

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