Following your passion. When medicine is just the beginning

Have you ever wondered how to combine medicine with basic science research? Maybe you’re a medical doctor considering a shift to lab work, unsure of how such transition would work? 

Follow Adrian Perdyan, M.D., a young doctoral researcher and the winner of the 2022 Fulbright Junior Research Award programme, currently conducting three distinctive and innovative projects.  

First of them – carried out together with his supervisor Jakub Mieczkowski, Ph.D., D.Sc. and one of his colleagues from the NASA research centre – focuses on analysing the methylation DNA changes influenced by cosmic radiation.

He also investigates the early stages of metastatic breast cancer in terms of the expression patterns in primary tumour and lymphatic metastasis. Last but not the least, during his PhD research, Adrian will also examine the combination of immunotherapy and epigenetic drugs in triple negative breast cancer organoids

All of these projects carry with them great potential to significantly improve patient care and reduce healthcare burden. 

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Adrian Perdyan, M.D.

Doctoral student and researcher at the International Research Agenda, Medical University of Gdańsk

An ambitious, young doctoral student, involved in three major research projects which focus on the methylation DNA changes influenced by cosmic radiation, early stages of metastatic breast cancer and combination of immunotherapy triple negative breast cancer organoid, respectively.

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