Genetic and clinical characteristics of parkinsonism and other neurogenerative diseases

What are the neurological disorders? Are they susceptible to conventional forms of treatment? Follow Jarosław Dulski, M.D., Ph.D. and learn more about gene therapy and the way it is beginning to revolutionize modern treatment of many genetic diseases, including the neurological ones.

Learn of the power scientific perseverance and instinct as they led Dr. Dulski to confirming a previously undiagnosed case of rare neurogenerative disease.

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Jarosław Dulski, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at the Division of Neurological and Psychiatric Nursing, Medical University of Gdańsk Specialist in Neurology at the Neurology Department, St Adalbert Hospital, Copernicus PL Ltd.

Researcher, clinician and a Józef Babiński Award laurate aiming to expand understanding of genetics and clinical characteristics of parkinsonism and other neurogenerative diseases. His research also focuses on solving previously undiagnosed cases of hereditary disorders in Polish families

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