Validating the Method. Transcutaneous Laryngeal Ultrasonography: Assessment of its diagnostic accuracy and learning curve


What encouraged Agastya Patel, a young student form India, to pursue a medical degree at the Medical University of Gdańsk?

Follow him as a doctoral student as he attempts to validate an ultrasonography method of diagnosing vocal fold paralysis which can occur after thyroid surgery. Learn of its advantages in clinical practice, see why it is more beneficial than laryngoscopy examination and discover the way it can help in reducing patient burden.

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Agastya Patel

Doctoral student and a postgraduate researcher at the Division of General, Endocrine and Transplant Surgery, Medical University of Gdańsk

His doctoral research focuses on the transcutaneous laryngeal ultrasonography and assessment of its diagnostic accuracy and learning curve. It also aims to evaluate the method’s impact on reducing the patient burden in clinical practice.

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