Becoming an academic urologist. Application of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of patients with urethral stricture

What makes a successful scientist? Is it hard work and persistence? Maybe it is the passion and creativity? Perhaps, it is the mixture of all the above? Follow Mikołaj Frankiewicz, M. D., Ph.D. and his breakthrough research on the diagnostics of urethral stricture disease to find out.

Learn why the magnetic resonance (MRI) examination became essential in a more detailed diagnosis of the disease and hence, was implemented into the contemporary urological guidelines.

Yet, changing the landscape of modern urological diagnostics was only the beginning. Dr. Frankiewicz is now heavily involved in research aiming to improve surgery itself through the use of plated rich plasma. Multicentre trails on the application of the substance in urethral stricture disease will commence soon.

Witness how passion for science and great mentorship pave the way for maybe yet another scientific breakthrough.


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Mikołaj Frankiewicz, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant at the Department of Urology, Medical University of Gdańsk

Ambitious, young medical doctor and researcher involved in the studies on the implementation of MRI in the contemporary diagnostics of the urethral stricture disease and further, on the application of the plated rich plasma in urological surgeries.

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